Let me say in advance that the video clip is ugly.

It shows a politician dodging questions, which is to say it shows a politician. It also shows a radio talk show host become abusive, which is to say it shows a certain kind of radio talk show host.

But that in no way justifies the way this conversation unravels. There's a difference between being a partisan and attacking another person's identity. In this interview, Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews comes unglued when talking to GOP candidate Charlotte Bergmann. Bergmann is asked if she is a member of, or affiliated with the Tea Party, and she dodges the question, no doubt for political reasons. That's sad, but the way Matthews handles it is horrible: a... vulgar, hateful, racially-divisive personal attack. See it for yourself:

Now look, I'm a strong supporter of the President. I haven't voted for a Republican in 20 years. But I want to ask all people, regardless of party, to repudiate this kind of speech. It violates the most basic of values, which all Americans (regardless of party affiliation) should cherish. Please note that this is not a "trap". As the title of the link below shows, it was uploaded by someone who apparently thinks Matthews was acting honorably. What a shame.

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