Is the situation that I don't have anything new to say or write about? Probably not.

The problem is that my load of district-mandated coursework has entailed me writing, on average, about 3,000 words a week since late April. It's been a bear, and with two other jobs plus all the time I seem to find it necessary to spend at my school site doing various things, I just haven't been able to give the blog the kind of attention I did in the past. I haven't had a really high week of traffic (more than 300 hits) in about half a year, and I wouldn't blame anyone for not checking in anymore.

Having said that, I am just a few days from completing the coursework, and I will be having a few extra minutes a week to be overcommitted, so expect a slight increase in my offerings to the void.

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RBH said...

My reader checks every day. :)

(And the Captcha word is "petter".)