This article by Richard Hughes is devastating in its simplicity and insight.

I'm not a big admirer generally of HuffPo, its interests or its content, but this is truly worth reading.

Every American citizen who identifies as a 'Christian' needs to read this article and then ask, 'What kind of 'Christian' am I?' More than anything I have read in memory, it describes to a 'T' how much of our 'Christian' experience is an 'American' experiment, in which a Gospel of individuality and affluence eclipses the Biblical witness.

If you are not a Christian, however, reading it might help you understand why some of us who so identify ourselves can say, with such confidence, that others who claim to follow Jesus are not truly his servants. I know, it's the 'No True Scotsman' argument, which is something of a fallacy.

But I dare anyone to read this article and not appreciate the depth of the divide. Well and wisely did Gandhi unfavorably contrast this sort of 'Christianity' with the Christ we claim to call Lord. God, have mercy on us.

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