OK, out of the blue yesterday around 5:00 I received a phone call from Gail Marshall, who produces radio programming at KYNO (1300-AM).

It was an offer to appear TODAY on the Bill McEwen Show around noon. Bill, a long-time Fresno Bee reporter and columnist, has a well-deserved reputation as straight-talking observer of the Fresno scene and (at times) a biting critic of what isn't necessarily right about it. Both I and my student collaborator Brianna Christoffersen will be Bill's guests at KYNO's posh digs. Cool!

Prior to appearing on the program, Central Valley Cafe Scientifique will have produced a press release for general distribution to the media talking up their organizing committee member's good fortune in winning a contest from a national magazine.

This will be a good opportunity to say some good things about my student, my school site and various ways the community can support science education. I will be talking up Cafe Scientifique, 'Darwin's Bulldogs' and the impending December visit of NCSE's Eugenie Scott, a coup for CSU Fresno's College of Math and Sciences. Funny how opportunities arise to 'spread the word' when you put yourself out there . . .

BUT, if you don't catch the program live, there will be a podcast posted on this page. Thanks to everyone for supporting science in the Central Valley!


Richard said...


Very exciting.

Peter Sean Bradley said...

Scott, what is your e-mail address?

I have a question about one of your posts in the Vox Day debate.

Your wife knows me.

Send to Petersean@aol.com

Lib. Learner Liz 2.0 Cheerleader said...

Great job to both you and Brianna!

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