It's 3:16 AM, early Sunday morning, May 10th. I'm awake.

See, there's lots of noises outside the backyard of my rental. Crackling sounds. Sirens. And when I look up, from my bed, say...that's a bit strange....there's a bright....orange....

...FIRE! (See how it outlines the trees in my backyard?)

Well, that got the old adrenaline running. I grabbed my IPhone, snapped a few shots from the backyard, then scampered into my truck and went around the corner to the gas station at Tollhouse for a better view:

Now, this is closer than I want to be to someone else's property on fire. As I speak, there are now four fire trucks lined up on Herndon and the streets is blocked off between Armstrong and Temperance. No telling how difficult that would be in the middle of the day, but virtually no one is out right now but emergency personnel:

I would say that they are earning their paycheck. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run all of the backyard sprinklers again as a precaution.

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