Graded papers.

Had coffee and a bagel.

Graded more papers.

Viewed a DVD of my debate with Terry Scambray which aired on local TV station KNXT-49. I'm going to have to put segments of this on-line as I am able.

Graded more papers.

Had a meeting of some of the GM's in my fantasy baseball league. A happy hour-and-a-half of discussion about which league rules to tweak, and how.

Went and watched Watchmen (an R-rated flick) with my 20-year-old son. Felt slightly awkward during a sex scene which (thankfully) was nowhere as graphic as a fellow colleague had warned me it might be. Still, I was glad that my own little demon spawn is of age and didn't need my permission to see it. Not the usual father-and-son day, but then again, he's almost able to vote, so I guess I have to deal with it.

Overall, found the film to curiously more human and hopeful than the comic book, despite a skillful adaptation that followed the original with almost worshipful slavishness. Also, gobbled entirely too much popcorn with phony butter. Not exactly a healthy diet, sigh.

Rehearsed for two hours with my church's praise band. A difficult rehearsal, with new material, no female vocalists and starting late.

Went home around 8:30. Yea! My wife was back from the coast, and couldn't wait to have me rub her feet while regaling me with tales of her baseball-playing nephew and his school's one-sided exploits at the expense of Cal State Bakersfield, which has just graduated to Division I and does not yet have lights at their own ballpark. Not exactly surprising.

Went to bed early. Like I said, a weird day.


Kimmers said...

Your demon seed has been voting for 2 years.

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

"my 20-year-old son ... almost able to vote"

Do wut?

Like Kimmers, I was distracted by something off-topic here.

Kristine said...

It's been
a very

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Sorry, Kim. Should've said 'old enough to drink.' But I'm still reeling in the 'watched-an-R-rated-flick-with-my-son' vibe.

And, Kristine, many shimmies. You are so right. Your cake post was...well...the proverbial icing on the inanity at UD this week.

(lifting, with a quizzical look, an imaginary glass in honor of, can you believe it, DaveScot?)

Kimmers said...

I understand 100%. I still get the mom urge to cover his eyes when something salacious comes on. Maybe we'll grow out of it by the time he is 60.