Well, if that wasn't the most entertaining Super Bowl ever, I don't know what was. There was a 100-yd. return of a pick. There were two, count 'em, two spectacular corner route catches for scores, one being the difference-maker in the game. There was a safety and a comeback from eleven points down in the fourth quarter. There were two go-ahead scores in the last three minutes. There was an incredible display of elusiveness from the rather sizeable (and not all that fast) Ben Roethlisberger. There were some turnovers, and there were penalties...lots of them, including three personal fouls in a row for the wild Cardinals, whose play veered back and forth between inspired and undisciplined.

So, not the best-played game ever, not even the best-played Super Bowl, but certainly something for everyone. I enjoyed more than I have a right to, given the Cowboys awful showing this year. I'm amazed that they won nine games. Nevermind they lost to the NFC champs in overtime in a game that wrecked their season (that's the one in which Romo's pinkie was fractured), and blew their contest with the Super Bowl champs with a late touchdown. They just, well....(censored)....

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