It's early Saturday morning. Me spouse, who is currently on the coast, woke me up a few minutes ago with a call from her hotel room and now I'm awake (sigh). I didn't really feel like blogging at all, but since I'm up anyway...

Just for kicks, here's a segment of video I shot the previous Saturday when we got a three-day weekend together: while spelunking, I did a bit of plunking with some draperies on the first landing of Moaning Caverns. Please note that these are the only formations that visitors are permitted to touch, and that our tour guide previously drew my attention to the sonic possibilities during our descent.

My plan, frankly, is to eventually loop some of these sounds and use them on a song I've written called 'Endangered Species'. That will have to be some months from now at the earliest, however, as my current CD project is already spoken for.

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CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

I'm just really-really relieved that after plink-plunk ... plinka-plinka-plunk there wasn't something that sounded like "oops" and then CRASH. That would've been a real shame.