Every now and then, I indulge myself with the following description: 'My father, the motorcycle historian.' It makes for a novel conversation-starter and beats the bejebus out of phrases like 'the old man' or 'the paterfamilias'.

Anyway, my father, Jerry Hatfield, has written his share of well-researched (if often narrowly-focused) books on motorcycling, particularly antique motorcycles:

As you might expect from such output, he's a bit of a celebrity amongst those who share his interests. For many years he was the only person who was allowed in the Harley-Davidson archives and he's becoming a fixture on the circuit of antique motorcycling galas (who knew there were such things?) He's appeared on The History Channel series "Modern Marvels" and, as previously mentioned, on Jay Leno's web site 'Jay's Garage'. This summer, he'll be traveling to New Zealand to speak at some convention. And his latest book, a labor of love about racing legend Rollie Free, how has its' own web site! Check it out, here!

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