Last night I jumped up to Turlock to catch Josh Rosenau's lecture on "Creationist Attacks on Science Education: The Evolution of a Parasite."

Josh did a good job and graciously allowed me to record part of his presentation, segments of which I will be posting as I have time over the next few weeks. I was a bit disappointed in the venue: they didn't have adequate lighting to actually see Josh on the stage, and the 'screen' to which he had to project his Power Point was little better than textured cheesecloth, greatly obscuring any desired visual impact. But Josh soldiered on.

Now, this morning I'm going to be having breakfast with the (Amazing) James Randi, who is in town as part of a lecture series at CSU Fresno. The breakfast is sponsored by the membership of CVAAS. I won't be able to attend Randi's lecture, because (oh, the irony) I'll be busy with my church choir. I have to wonder if there are any other Christians out there who have similar scheduling conflicts?

Then back to work to prepare a lesson for the substitute who'll take my classes on Friday, because I'll be headed out of town for the weekend. My high school (Desert High!) is holding a reunion for Classes '78 - '81 in the Edwards AFB (Mojave Desert) area. The events start on Friday evening and continue Sunday morning. In between, I'm planning on attending the 'Origins' conference at Caltech sponsored by Skeptics. A lot of heavy-hitters.


RBH said...

I get tired just reading your schedule!

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Whoosh. What can I say? I have to go to work this morning, and I have a zillion thoughts and pictures now to add based on my weekend jaunt. Stay tuned!