First of all, my apologies to the many readers of Monkey Trials who haven't had much to read here of late. Secondly, thanks to the many other people who don't read my blog, but who haven't heard from me much of late and have been rather patient with me. Since my previous post, I:

  • cancelled a scheduled choir rehearsal on Thursday
  • missed Monday at my school site due to district-mandated CLAD training
  • got a sub on Tuesday for my classes so that I could personally move a lot of materials into...

....my new classroom. I'd have pictures to share, but I'm now at home with aches and pains. Frankly, I overdid it. After working all day in moving on Tuesday, I played softball in the evening as part of my continuing road show as a desperate 46-year-old attempting to still doing something athletic. I hit the ball hard three times, ran the bases, dived for (and--sigh--missed) a sinking liner in the outfield, made two pretty decent over-the-shoulder catches on a pair of Texas Leaguers, and...pretty seriously bruised my heel, and am just pretty banged-up in general after that much exertion.

I did go into my site this morning to set up a lesson plan for my sub, but I came back home and spent the morning in bed and the afternoon with the political pundits. Tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle, getting serious with science ed, and as I get settled in my room, you can expect more regular commentary again on the blog. I'm excited about actually having a real science classroom, with multiple sinks, a data projector, a sound system and lots of storage. Lots of work needs to be done, but I'm not in a jury-rigged situation for the very first time in my teaching career. After more than eight years, I (and my students) are no longer being cheated by a sub-par facility that does not meet the minimal standards of my profession. I looked over Jordan, and what did I see, comin' for to carry me home?

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Shelly D. said...

Yay! Congrats! And ibuprofen is our friend...