Well, on a day that began with me being alerted to arson on my campus, it seems strange to point out that today is a milestone of sorts for the blog. I've been doing the blog for about 14 months now, initially at the behest of others who felt I should do it. And on this date in 2007 I installed some widgets that kept track of site traffic.

According to these little bots, I've had 57,327 or so visitors in a year's time. That's about 157 visitors per day, though truth be told many of these visitors were fueled by contretemps having to do with PZ Myers, the movie 'Expelled' or famed cruelty artist Vox Dei. And, since this is full disclosure, I've never hesitated to promote the blog. I've come to the realization that, when it comes to things I care about, I'll dress up in a clown suit and let people throw pies at me, if that's what it takes. So, to the many of you who've encouraged me over the last year, left comments, even those who bashed me, to the extent that I've had a modest impact in cyberspace...thanks.


In just nine days, yours truly will be doing a benefit concert for my home church, Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church. Here's the blurb from the church:

Scott Hatfield in Concert

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. On June 28*, 2008, 7 PM, in Memorial's Sanctuary, talented pianist, singer, composer, and Memorial's Music Director, Scott Hatfield, will provide an evening of entertainment for the community. There will be prizes for those selling the most tickets. The tickets are $15.00 for the concert and dessert. The proceeds will go toward burning the mortgage on the social hall.

Tickets available at the church office, 299-4615

It's me and a few friends doing a variety of music, some original stuff of mine, and in a variety of genres, from pop and country to classical music. For more information, please email me today!

* Unfortunately, the blurb on the church web site originally said June 21st, which was incorrect. My apologies to any who were misled, in advance.

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CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

I'm gonna go ahead and take credit for at least a few of your 57,000+ hits, thanks to the handy Monkey Trials link on my own blog.

Nevermind that I didn't actually keep my own blog until two days ago. The link's been there since 2007. Or early 2008.