Well, we spent more than half an hour on lockdown this morning. This was not a drill, so there was apparently a real concern for student and staff safety based on conduct reports. The lockdown has now been lifted, and we await an explanation from administration.

Fortunately for me, I was in the middle of my prep, so I had no students freaking out in the classroom to contend with. In these circumstances, they all typically try to whip out their cell phones and call mommy, overloading the local service providers and making life difficult in general for emergency personnel. So I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that.

Though, of course, all my doors were locked, as were the doors to my doors. There are no windows at floor level accessible, so I'm pretty well sequestered, and I keep a few makeshift weapons handy by either entrance. Call me paranoid, but growing up on military bases and knowing where all the bomb shelters were seems to have had an effect on my sensibilities. I just kind of think this goes with doing my job, and already having a sort of action plan in my hand in case the 'unthinkable' happens just strikes me as part of the job.


It appears that the incident in question may have been a hoax involving possible self-injury on the part of a female student, rather than an actual assault (stabbing was alleged). Well, that would be a relief, but I'm also gratified that our system apparently worked in this case. I'm now off to a staff meeting to discuss our response to the situation. I'm happy with the way our administration is being proactive in handling this matter.

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