Here's a blog from a past (and hopefully, future) Valley resident that gives Central Valley Cafe Scientifique some most-appreciated media coverage in this article, for which the author, a journalist, interviewed yours truly. The least I can do is link to it!

On a more troubling note, our scribe reports that one of our Cafe Sci presenters had his car vandalized, with a profane note attached that makes it clear that they were targeted for humorously advertising their acceptance of evolution.

Well, what can we say about that? I would say, first of all, that the incident as reported would certainly be regarded as shameful conduct by most people of faith, Christians and non-Christians alike. The second thing I would say, though, is that this is in part a consequence of conflating different sorts of claims. Dr. Wendee Holtcamp, a biologist and professional science writer (and a Bohemian!) has a wonderful piece about this phenomena from a Christian point of view that I really think is a 'must-read' for anyone who has taken a passionate stand where either evolution or creation is concerned. You can read her article here on the ASA (American Scientific Affiliation) web site.

And since I mentioned it....a little pub seems in order.....

The ASA is an association of Christians who hold at least a bachelor's degree in science and who endorse the organization's statement of faith. The ASA publishes a peer-reviewed journal on science and faith issues, and while the organization is probably dominated by old-earth creationists who are sympathetic to some version of ID, it has among its leadership many enthusiastic supporters of evolution. The ASA does not attempt to dictate a particular view on evolution or other matters in which "there is honest disagreement between Christians." Instead, the ASA affirms that they "are committed to providing an open forum where controversies can be discussed without fear of unjust condemnation. Legitimate differences of opinion among Christians who have studied both the Bible and science are freely expressed within the Affiliation in a context of Christian love and concern for truth."

Which just about says it all for how I want (I don't always succeed) to engage my fellow Christians....which is why I'm a member of ASA.

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