I haven't posted for a few days just to sheer, relentless fatigue:

  • We're in the home stretch at my school site, the period after state testing, where we're winding down, and the normal state of affairs at this time is a certain amount of mental exhaustion. But added to that is the fact that we have to pack our rooms up for modernization, and this has to be accomplished by the end of Finals week....
  • I've got an 89.6 percent in my Health class which I'm having to take for my credential, and so I've got to attend the final next Wednesday in order to ensure my 'A' in the course, which is also my wife's birthday. If I had gotten just one more question right on the last SCANTRON test, I would've been over 90 percent for the course and since the instructor drops the lowest test, could've bailed on the final class session. One question, and I literally talked myself out of a right answer on the last test. That stinks.
  • I've got to start yet another class a week from Monday, for 12 afternoons through June 5th, which is pretty much going to put an end to my other outside interests.
  • My father's 70th birthday falls on the final day of school, and I'd like to visit him in Texas. But I'd have to be back before the final week of June, because I'm committed to doing a fund-raising concert for my church.
So there's a lot of juggling and head-scratching and worrying going on right now, much more so than usual at the end of a school year. And I'm feeling a little pinched. Blogging will probably have to take a back burner for most of the rest of May, unfortunately.

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