I've already had an amazing weekend, and I'm dying to share it with readers of my blog. I managed to get into a fairly high-level student-run symposia up at UC Berkeley on evolutionary developmental biology ('evo-devo').

High level for me, at least. Since I don't have a lot of other experiences to compare it to, I'm not sure what my opinion might mean, but I totally enjoyed myself. I took a dozen pages of notes on the handful of presentations I was able to see and got something useful out of everything.

While there, I was fortunate to not only finally meet the manager of my beloved Darwin Finches*, celebrated Sci Blogger PZ Myers, but a whole bunch of the gang at NCSE and even the amazing Ken Cope, who regaled me with anecdotes about the animation field. Wonderful! This all occurred over beers with me and my good friend Richard Moore, after PZ's keynote addres to the sympsia, parts of which I even recorded. Good times!

But I got home very late (after 3 in the morning) and I just finished softball practice, which started at 10. I'm VERY tired now, but I need to go pick up some furniture for my father-in-law. After that....it's nap time.

* Amazingly, based on email I've gotten, I apparently need to add: it's a spoof, people!

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Well I guess it's safe to say you had a good time.