Wilkins, as per usual, has a wonderfully attenuated parable that is apropos to the current kerfuffle between those who would see the YEC tarred-and-feathered and those whom (like me) think his speech is risible, but protected.

That's my oblique way of saying he says something profound. I will now mangle a metaphor: let those who have ears to hear see his words. Why a guy of his scholarship and temperament hasn't found a wider (and more settled) audience in the academic world completely eludes me.


Madhu said...

I'm a little baffled by the last bit (without even touching that mangled metaphor): who are you talking about as not having found an academic audience - Wilkins? not the YEC, right?

Madhu said...

And sorry to read that you have been driven to comment moderation even as you were arguing for free speech!

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Yeah, I was referencing Wilkins. He's a quiet joy to read on a regular basis.

And, speaking of comment moderation, I just had another bizarro bomb dropped from someone who wanted to make some sort of scatological wordplay based upon my name. Anonymous, of course. Makes you wonder who exactly they think they're serving.