I have an entire other blog for this bit of whimsy. I just got a note from a fellow blogger who is traveling on Easter weekend and wanted to get together for lunch at Red Robin in Fresno.

(sigh) As if.

Oh, it's not my diet, though that figures, as well. I'm holding my (raises hand of geeky admission) annual Fantasy League draft at my school site on Saturday afternoon. I'll only be a few blocks away from that Red Robin, too. I have a fairly involved draft that uses a program to simulate actual game play. I've been doing this for 18 years and the level of participation is sufficiently high that we often draft prospects in the minors, colleges, even high schools and sit on them for 3-4 years.

I can recall fondly, for example, drafting LHP Randy Johnson back in 1989, still months from his major-league debut. A-Rod, Johnny Damon and quite a few others were also tabbed while in the prep ranks. It takes a certain fanaticism to draft players that far in advance of their expected arrival in the majors, but fanatics, I've got 'em. So much so that I have to tweak some of them on a regular basis. Witness my braggadocio as a defending divisional champ.

Anyway, on that day, may fantasy prevail and reality be banished.

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Zeno said...

I wouldn't worry about it, Scott. Anyone who suggests Red Robin for lunch is probably an uncultured boor (unless cheese sticks are involved). Count yourself fortunate! (And happy fantasy weekend.)