My father, Jerry Hatfield, is a published author many times over. His field of interest? Antique motorcycles, especially everything to do with the legendary (but long-defunct) Indian Motorcycle.

His most recent book, a labor of love called 'Flat Out', is a meticulously-researched, beautifully-illustrated volume about Rollie Free, a fascinating character whose life seems drawn from pulp fiction, a motor sports daredevil and promoter of the same who memorably set the world speed record on the Bonneville salt flats, wearing little more than a bathing suit atop a stripped-down Vincent. Free's life, adventures and especially his iconic pose astride the whizzing Vincent, memorialized in a well-known photograph, have become part of the lore of antique motorcyclists....to the extent that Tonight Show host Jay Leno, a well-known enthusiast and collector, wrote the forward to Dad's book.

That's a Hollywood connection, but recently my Dad outdid himself. Earlier this week, he attended a Tonight Show taping as Jay's guest, and yesterday spent much of the day doing a video shoot with Jay, to be shown on-line at Jay Leno's Garage.

I'll forward more details as they become known, Dad! How about your people talk to my people, and we'll do lunch? Ciao, from Ace-Baby!

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