Well, I am shocked, stunned, appalled. Who would ever think that the state that brought us Connie Morris and John Calvert would ever do this...? The mind boggles.


The Skeptard said...

Ugh. When people ask where I am from now, I'll have to hang my head in shame. (Of course, it's the same state that brought the other hand-waver brownback, and phred phelps clan)

Diana said...

What are you talking about? Kansas backed Obama, the liberal, and even the Republicans rejected the war fanatic McCain.

Its an indication to me that the smears brought to Kansas, by the like of Kansas Citizens for Science, were exactly that.

Corine said...

Humph. Kansas Democrats went for Obama, and Kansas Republicans chose a creationist who has no hope of winning over the likely nominee. This post isn't about Liberal/conservative, per se. The point here is that states which are historically hotbeds of creationist activity are going for Huckabee, who is a creationist. So far, if I remember, Huckabee has won exactly three Republican primaries: Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Kansas, of course, has been associated with ID for years thanks to the actions of the state BOE. Arkansas gave us the McLean case, and Louisiana was the setting for Edwards v. Aguillard.

I'm not bashing Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas as a whole, anymore than my concerns about what's happening in Florida or Texas are attacks on those states. I'm just pointing out that there's a correlation between Huckabee's candidacy and creationism.