It's lunch, and I've received some happier news. It now appears that there is a 'smoking gun' on our copy of the manifests used by the district to confiscate our chemical stores which clearly indicates the failure of employees to follow the district's own guidelines, which happily forms the basis for further lobbying on the part of myself and my colleagues.

Or, as I put it in a letter to a district administrator:

To put it simply, how can you teach Chemistry without chemicals? The district's action has left us in a lurch without any regard for our curriculum, for our students or their families, and this conduct is simply indefensible either in the court of public opinion or (more telling) with the various accrediting agencies that we as science professionals will be obligated to contact if this situation is not resolved in the interests of our students.

By the way, I chose the color above because today in class I wanted to demonstrate sublimation and deposition through the heating of crystallized iodine,* but I couldn't. We don't have any crystallized iodine for a demonstration, because the district mindlessly confiscated perfectly safe, recently-purchased items in a poorly-conceived exercise in 'safety.'

* Hey, I'd dig up a link to this item just for kicks but my site Internet is down for the third time in the last five days. Here's hoping this thing will post.

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Ian said...

So what's next? Confiscate textbooks because someone forgot to initial the third copy of a triplicate request form?