The other night, I watched a local band play 'Goldfinger'....only, instead of the hammy vibrato of Shirley Bassey, the melody was carried by that wonderful quirk of early electronic music, the theremin, as played by....Blake Jones.

Blake's been a fixture of our local music scene for decades. His band, the Trike Shop, exists to realize his eclectic pop music. The band recently returned from a pilgrimage of sorts to London and appeared as part of a local benefit to celebrate the 25th anniversary of college radio station KFSR. After the show, I bought his group's first CD "A-Sides and B-Movies", which contains the song "Ross Used to Play Us His Frank Zappa Records (Cold Pepsi and Croutons)---which happens to have a snippet of some 20th century composer's work embedded in the arrangement. Like a good Zappa record, it was funny and interesting, and after the show I walked up to Blake and mentioned it to him. I appreciated his 'double take', since he doesn't get that sort of reaction every day.

What quote, you might ask? And what could such a band sound like? Well, you should check out the CD for yourself. It's a delight.

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