This one didn't appear in my neck of the woods, but it reminds me that the Riverpark Bible Church (just a mile from my home) put up the following last week:

"If evolution were true, moms would need three arms"

Which is supposed to be some kind of critique of evolution, that it failed to provide the necessary equipment for those multi-tasking moms?

By that logic, shouldn't the Deity be on the hook for failing to add an additional motherly appendage? That's a Design flaw, isn't it?

Well, anyway, what the sign says seems to apply to such sentiments. I am grateful that not all Christians share that view, nor fall into these sort of logical cul-de-sacs. Why, there are even folk like John Wesley, who considered reason a good thing.

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Ian said...

Yep - that's one place where I can safely say "happy to be a Methodist".