It's a strange world. On the one hand, the challenge of raising the bar in science education seems tougher than it ever has, and (depending on how the question is phrased) anywhere from 30-50 percent of my fellow Americans think the Earth is just a few thousand years old.

And yet, this bastion of pseudo-science, allegedly bleeding millions of dollars, is officially defunct. The publisher of (among other things) the National Enquirer and the Star has concluded there is no longer a broad market for this sort of publication, which not only readily pandered to cryptozoologists, but to the eschatologically-minded in Christianity.

Oh, well, at least we still have Bat Boy: The Musical.

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Farris Thorne said...

Sad. Now where will we go for news about Titanic babies, Commandments 11-15 and the super-race of wolf people expected to supplant Homo Sapiens Sapiens?

I just wanna know... will the WWN's columnist Ed Anger land over at Fox News? ft