Be warned: the following is sarcastic and not particularly helpful, but it hopefully will convey the frustration I've experienced any number of times in raising this topic with residents of Fresno County....

My local paper's editorial board may have finally had their Damascus experience. After fulminating for several years about declining air quality, the cost of water delivery, the unpredictable (and often unpleasant) consequences of a development boom in Fresno County, they've suddenly put the tail right on the donkey: population growth, says the Bee, is the new 'flood danger.'

Well. How about that: Let me be the first local advocate for science education to congratule the brave denizens of the fourth estate for their rediscovery of the Malthusian Doctrine, applied to Fresno. With any luck, we may even have a discussion on 'sustainable growth' and 'carrying capacity.'

Sarcasm aside, this editorial also mentions in passing the far-from-salutary impact of testing mania on local education, and the damage that this is likely doing to any effort to meet the challenges of growing populations. Forgive me for getting my hopes up, but is it possible that there is, at last, someone on the editorial board that is listening to scientists and educators?

(Commence holding breath...)

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