My brother describes himself on his blog as a comics scholar, but I get a perverse thrill out of telling people who have only met me that he's the 'smart one' in the family. This usually elicits a whistle, since I often do this in the context of introducing my own interests, such as they are, which are not necessarily intellectually taxing so much as they are esoteric.

Indulging my ego aside, however, I am proud of my brother, who has recently earned tenure at his university where he moonlights as a professor of English Lit in order to slake his unholy thirst for all things having to do with sequential art.

If you're the sort of person who has always regarded comic books as 'low-brow', it may come as a shock to learn that fellas as smart as my brother can make it an academic specialty. To you, I would not only check out his home page, but consider reading this.

I'm proud of my brother's accomplishments! I'm a fan of his field, and his work!


mbatm27 said...

Who'd a "thunk" those 25 years ago, sitting around a "Risk" game board, that we'd all end up like this... College "Perfessors", High School Teachers, Authors, Bloggers...

Good to see both you and Chuck have done so well!

Carlie said...

Congratulations to your brother! I just got my news, so he and I share the same tenure birthday, so to speak. Fabulous family you all are, there.